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The History Around the Art of Gift Giving

Let’s face it – gift giving certainly isn’t alien to us. People from all cultures and walks of life celebrate varied celebrations and occasions by gifting each other. Interestingly, the tradition of gift-giving dates back thousands of years as far back as man can remember. Since we are social creatures, gifting is our way of expressing love, joy, gratitude, or appreciation. While most of us presents are just superficial objects, there’s more than meets the eye. Read through to understand all about the art of gift-giving.

What is Gift Giving All About?

Surprisingly, psychologists have discovered that gifting is an amazingly complex yet important part of human interaction that helps define relationships and ties with family, friends, and acquaintances. According to them, the giver reaps more psychological benefits from the art compared to the receiver. 

Of course, nothing feels as great as gifting something specials to that favorite being. Watching your mum’s eyes light up as she unwraps the present or your friend’s face as he tears off the wrapping paper makes you realize that you have made an impact on someone’s life.

The History Around the Art of Gift Giving 2

Perhaps you’re wondering why we are so enamoured with giving gifts – that’s alright! A brief journey back in time to understand the origin of this unique form of expression in human beings will be worthwhile.

The History of Gifting

As mentioned earlier, gift-giving is an old human activity that dates back to the origin of human beings before civilization. In the early days, cavemen gave gifts to express their affection and appreciation towards one another. The leaders would acknowledge and appreciate an individual’s contribution to the community by giving them a gift. Of course, gifts in those days were primitive. The early man would give gifts such as animal teeth, tree barks, or even unique stones.

As the tools evolved, the presents became more elaborate. During the Egyptian Era, presents were most notably offered to their pharaohs who set up huge pyramids to keep their wealth for the afterlife. During Roman times, people had a tradition of presenting each other with good luck charms and tokens. Western civilization picked the norm and evolved gifting into showing allegiance and carrying favors. 

The History Around the Art of Gift Giving 3

People gave personal gifts and betrothals that ranged from precious metals, coins, and animals as dowries. Interestingly, most culture has carried the tradition to date. This explains why gifting is still part of our day to day culture that defines who we are and what message we want to pass to our loved ones.

What is the Psychology behind Gift Giving?

Currently, gifting is a tradition that has roots across all cultures around the world. Whether it is birthdays, anniversaries, or even best wishes, gifting has formed a better part of our lives. Currently, gifting has become something more than an individual offering presents to family members, friends, or even workmates. We’ve seen huge companies and industries dedicating time and resources to giving their clients and loyal customers gifts as a means of appreciation.

The psychology behind why gifting has become such rewarding art is simply because it allows people to connect. Gifting offers a great emotional connection between the giver and receiver.

The History Around the Art of Gift Giving 4

Why is it Gift Giving Important?

For quite a while now, several studies have looked into the feeling of wellbeing that occurs during the process of giving gifts. Here are a few reasons why it is important to give gifts.

  1. Gift-giving makes us happy. Both the giver and receiver feel happy about themselves. This brings about stronger emotional ties.
  2. Gifting improves the state of mind. Both the giver and receiver get a sense of purpose that builds up an improved state of mind.
  3. Besides bringing a great social connection, gifting is very contagious. The receiver is provoked to start gifting as well.

Despite the myriads of gift-giving differences around the world, one objective remains prevalent: it’s a gesture to share love, joy, and appreciation. Regardless of your traditions, a well-intentioned, genuine present for that special person makes a whole difference!

The History Around the Art of Gift Giving 5

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