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Benefits of Nursery rhymes for children

Nursery rhymes are not a new thing. They have been here for a very long time. They are often simple songs that children learn both at school and at home. The role that nursery rhymes play in the development of children cannot be overemphasized. They help children to grow and develop. 

There are some amazing benefits of nursery rhymes for babies. Teaching your children these special rhymes is worthwhile and very important. These benefits range from keeping the children happy, captivated and entertained, to enhancing individual development, singing nursery rhymes provides so much more.  

Importance of nursery rhymes 

Wondering if nursery rhymes hold any benefits? Here are a few benefits of nursery rhymes to your children. 

Early language development booster 

From lullabies that are sung to lure babies to sleep, to rhymes which entertains them while awake, many children are exposed to rhymes quite early, some from birth. Aside from these benefits, nursery rhymes also contribute greatly to children’s language development especially at the toddler stage of life when hearing the songs out loud helps children store up information and develop their understanding of language. This is one of nursery rhymes’ educational value, as it gives your children a head start with learning language even before the classroom calls! 

nursery rhymes

Enhances children’s Reading habit

Children can understand how words are formed when hearing them out loud whenever rhymes are being sung or recited to them. They pick up the pronunciation and sounds they hear when being recited nursery rhymes. This is hugely beneficial for helping them become better readers when they reach school age, which means they’ll have a good foundation to build on when they begin reading independently!

Top tip: Did you know that to improve your child’s reading skills, even more, when they’re a little older, you can sit with your child and show them the rhyme written down as they sing it out loud? Now, you know!  They’ll be able to connect the words they’re pronouncing with the words written down which helps them become more familiar with how to read and interpret words!

Improve Your Child’s Coordination and Motor skills 

The actions and movements which accompany the rhymes while hearing or reciting the songs are highly beneficial for developing children’s motor skills and coordination. Children can learn how to put movements to words, developing their sense of rhythm as well as understand how to and where to place things or actions. For example, Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is a brilliant learning tool which helps children know their body parts and can confidently tell where they are!

Top tip: Whenever some nursery rhymes aren’t accompanied by well-known movements, you and your child can create your movements while you get familiar with the songs! As well as improving their motor skills and coordination for a wider range of rhymes, this can also be a great way to spend quality time with your little one and keep them entertained for longer!

Child's Coordination

Early Development of Social Skills 

Nursery rhymes for children help to build your child’s ability to interact and relate with others early. This is evident especially at school, where nursery rhymes are sung as well as at home! In the nursery, your child will be reciting, singing and acting out the songs with the other children in their class, making this an activity they can all enjoy together and thus, building their social skills from a young age! 

This helps even more when nursery rhymes are sung at home with your little one, they become more familiar with the rhymes and feel more confident when singing them with others at school! 

Top tip: To improve on your child’s social skills,  whenever your little one learns a new rhyme, or has a new favourite rhyme, get them to sing to other family members. It’s also a great way to help them be sociable with other people other than their parents. Also, by encouraging your little one to sing rhymes with friends when they come over, help them be more comfortable with socialising with children of their age!.

Develops and Improves Their Communication Skills

Communication skills are usually being developed by consistently doing activities that improve it, this is also true in children. Nursery rhymes for babies help to develop their communication skills! Especially in toddlers, they learn how to pronounce and communicate the words in the song with practice, helping them pass their messages across to a listener. Children equally learn to communicate using their bodies when reciting rhymes that are accompanied by gestures, such as Two Little Dicky Birds!  This prepares them for life in primary school!

Top tip: Asking questions, For example, you could ask them what their favourite rhyme is, or ask about their favourite nursery rhyme character, can help your child become more comfortable with communicating, as they can explain and show their knowledge of what they’re singing! 

Communication Skills

Enhance Individual Development

The rhythm of nursery rhymes and the element of singing is fantastic for brain development and a very beneficial way of helping children grow. Children develop very quickly in their early years, and listening to music from a young age can help children’s brains respond to different tones. This is also why singing nursery rhymes at home can help your child, as they can individually listen to the rhymes and learn how to recite them in a different environment, away from peers. They can easily pick up new words they might not know before that, as well as be more familiar with communicating on an individual level. 

Some Rhymes can Enhance Maths Skills

 The rhyme One, Two, Buckle My Shoe is a simple rhyme and also an example of rhymes created to help children learn simple maths skills, which are greatly important for preparing them for school. This helps children remember number order and is a fun way for them to get familiar with numbers! 

Top tip: You could recite One, Two, Buckle My Shoe up to number 10, to practice the first 10 numbers in the rhyme, T5o slowly get your child familiar with numbers. A great way to get your child more comfortable with numbers is singing the rhyme to a certain point, then getting them to go through the numbers without the rhyme!

Greatly Improves Parent-Child Bond

For the fact that children grow up so fast, spending quality time with them is paramount to creating lovely memories together. If you’re looking to spend more quality time with your child, singing nursery rhymes to or with your child is a fantastic way to improve the parent-child bond between you! Your child will get all the benefits of nursery rhymes, along with a happier and more connected relationship with their parent(s). Your child will no doubt be delighted to come home to share with you the latest rhyme learnt that day. It’s a brilliant way to enjoy more time with your little one!

Improves Their Ability to Recall and Memorise

 Nursery rhymes are usually repetitive and quite short, regularly reciting the rhymes with your child is a great way to improve their memory skills. They’ll be able to recall the rhymes the more they get familiar with them, which teaches them how to remember the order of certain words and discover which parts of the words create the rhyming pattern. This is a fantastic skill to prepare them for school and they become more comfortable with the following words in a sentence.

childs memory

Keeps Them Happy and Entertained

 Beyond the benefits of learning and growth, nursery rhymes are super fun to sing! The enjoyable tunes will always keep your children entertained and happy. If you’re looking for a great way to spend time with your little one, away from their devices, singing nursery rhymes together is a brilliant way to keep them cheery and keeps you happy too.

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